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Terms / Conditions and Deposits

It is important that the information be accurate and complete, management will rely on the information which you have supplied. This form is only an application for residence and the submission of this application does not reserve, nor in any way, guarantee a residence prior to approval. By signing this application, you represent and warrant the accuracy of this information and you authorize management to verify the references that you have listed. Signature on this application gives Management permission to run a credit report and verify your credit history. You agree and understand your application fee of $35.00 is non-refundable if you choose for any reason not to move in to this community. Application fees are payable by check/money order on online once your online portal has been activated. Please make all checks payable to Winner's Circle at Saratoga. If Management rejects your application for any reason, your application fee will be refunded in full. You also agree that management has the authority to notify heritage springs waterworks, Inc., National Grid and any other utility provider to assign designated utility meters in your name on the first day or your lease.

Agreed To