Fall Decorating

This article will offer some fun decorating ideas for Fall that will work beautifully in an apartment.


Fall Inspired Tablecloth.

If your kitchen or dining room table is visible from three quarters of your apartment, an Autumn themed tablecloth will add just the right seasonal touch to your home. For a subtle nod to Fall, choose a traditional seasonal color such a rich brown, deep orange or a combination of the two. For a more bold look, choose a tablecloth that has acorns, gourds, falling leaves or bouquets of mums. That little touch of Fall that catches your eye while going about your day will certainly lift your spirits and remind you of all the joys of the season.

Autumn Scented Candles.

One of my favorite aspects of the Fall season are the delicious candle scents that make an appearance this time of year. Pillars, tapered or votive candles placed strategically around the apartment will give the space a lovely glow and and an even lovelier scent. Consider Pumpkin Pie, Cinnamon Stick, Apple Pie or Sandalwood scents when choosing candles for your living space. Be sure to use perspective to your advantage when using candles to decorate your apartment. Place a fat Pumpkin Pie candle on your dining room table, and an Apple Cinnamon votive on your bathroom sink. Using larger candles on larger spaces and smaller candles on smaller spaces will keep the apartment from looking overwhelmed with seasonal decor.

Pots Or Bouquets Of Fall Flowers.

The vibrant colors and lovely appearance of Fall flowers makes them a wonderful option for decorating in every home, no matter the size. A pot of yellow or deep red mums on the kitchen window sill or a vase of tall and regal sunflowers on the dining room table will help to usher the Autumn season in with style.

Decorative Autumn Leaves.

A handful of decorative Fall leaves where you least expect them make this inexpensive and fun decor option a great choice for an apartment. Scatter a few on your bathroom vanity or on the coffee table. Place a vine of decorative leaves over your kitchen cabinets. The key to making this Fall decorating option work in an apartment is to keep the arrangements small and sweet.

Autumn Wreath.

Nearly every store you go into this time of year has a few Fall wreaths for sale. From grocery stores, to drugstores, to discount department stores, the choices and prices are plentiful. Hanging a simple Fall wreath with acorns, leaves or Fall flowers on your apartment door is a cheery way to greet visitors and give your apartment a little burst of Fall.

Fall Centerpiece.

A quick trip to the local arts and crafts store can yield you all the supplies needed to create a lovely seasonal centerpiece. Consider using mini pumpkins or gourds, wheelbarrows, mini hay bales, acorns, miniature scarecrows and colorful leaves to craft a one-of-a-kind centerpiece that will instantly add color and atmosphere to your apartment.


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